3 Tips To Kick A Bad Habit

At some point in our lives, we all pick up a habit we wish we never had. While some of these habits are just a nuisance, others can cause mental, physical and emotional pain; and, can mean unplanned expenses if you don’t have adequate health insurance cover.

While it’s easy to kick some habits, there are others that require a little more effort and time. Mentioned below are 4 tips to help you overcome that sticky habit. The precursor to these tips, of course, is that you set a deadline for yourself – a New Year resolution, wedding in the family, your birthday or any random date. The important thing is to make it time-bound so that you can focus your energies on not wanting to look back.

  • Out goes the bad one, in comes the good one Kicking a bad habit doesn’t mean that you have to be hard on yourself. According to Dr. Scott Barry Kauffman of UPenn, it’s easier for humans to learn than unlearn, and, hence, developing a better habit is a more success oriented plan than abstaining from a bad one. So, if you binge on food, it’s better to eat fruits and salads to curb your cravings than to stop eating altogether. If you wish to quit smoking, chew a gum. Customise the change as per your liking and remember – one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Take another route Habits become a part of our lifestyle - a smoke after lunch, biting nails while reading, gorging on food when anxious or something else. So, when you’re trying to quit a bad habit, take a detour. Go and meet a colleague after lunch (that way, you won’t miss on your post lunch walk), twiddle your thumbs while scrolling the screen with your other hand, or sit down and take deep breaths when you’re anxious.
  • Just this once is a bad excuse If you’re trying to break a habit, it’s not okay to give in to temptations once in a while. If you feel the urge to smoke, tell yourself that you will do it at the end of the day. After work, start your engines and drive home. Keep yourself occupied and don’t think too much.

 Support from family and friends is equally important when you’re trying to make a change. Remember, it’s about breaking the habit loop – change your routine and reward yourself with something better.

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