5 Useful Hair Care Tips To Ensure Healthy Hair During Winters

The seemingly seamless transition to winters is the time to start thinking about taking special care of your hair. Cool breeze may soothe your soul, but it gradually damages your hair. If you are not prepared for winters and need advice to manage your hair, we bring you 5 tips that will help reduce hair fall during this season and protect your scalp from getting dryness and itching:

1. Conditioning is Imperative 
During winters, you must apply a rich conditioner to your hair to keep them strong, shiny and elastic, hence preventing hair-breakage and hairball due to dryness. If you do not wish to opt for readymade conditioners, coconut milk is a great substitute. You can also opt for deep conditioning session at a salon once a week to keep your hair healthy. 

2. Limit your Hair Washes
Though it is tempting to wash your hair everyday, try and wash them only twice or thrice a week during winters. This will prevent hair and scalp from drying. It is also important to thoroughly dry your hair before you step out. Cold air makes wet hair more brittle and dry.

3. Go For Regular Trimming Sessions
Trim your hair every six to eight weeks during winters. By merely dusting off the ends, you can considerably reduce the possibility of dryness and split ends.

4. Control The Frizz 
During winters, static energy is all around you, from your sweaters and pullovers to scarves, gloves and caps. It affects dry hair the most and can eventually lead to frizzy, unmanageable hair. Solution: maintaining hair moisture. Wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of hot water to avoid dry scalp which results in hair loss, dandruff, and hair breakage.. Use a vented brush; it has a combination of plastic and boar bristles for better control of frizzy hair. And, nourish you hair and scalp with oil massages and conditioning.

5. Don That Hat Or Flaunt That Scarf 
It may not sound glamorous or sexy, but if you are stepping out in cold winds, you might want to cover your hair using a hat or a silk scarf. This will protect your hair from the harsh weather and retain its soft texture.

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