6 Unconventional Ways to Improve Mental Retention

Who doesn’t want to learn new ways to remember people’s names, to memorize tasks for the day and sharpen memory skills in order to stay ahead of competition? While everyone is searching for ways to boost memory, the good news is, just like an athlete or a sportsman, you can increase your ability to remember by adequately exercising your memory. We have all heard about the conventional ways to enhance memory by food, good habits and exercise. But if you want something more to stand out from the ever-growing competitive world and make your mark, read on to get some unconventional tips to improve mental retention:

1. Go Ahead, Take That Power Nap!
If you have been considering taking a power nap during the day, it is the perfect way to boost your memory.  In a study at Harvard, students retained more after they took a short power nap. A 10-20 minutes nap between 1 pm to 3 pm is ideal for your memory.

2. Indulge in That Cup of Coffee
Caffeine helps your memory and you should enjoy your cup of coffee without any guilt the next time. It is also known to improve cognitive function in the elderly. 

3. Have You Considered Mental Exercises?
Apart from physical exercise, you also need to participate in mental exercises for mental sharpness and personality development. Some useful mental gymnastics include poker, bridge or similar card games, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, scrabble, learning a new language or reading books on varied topics.

4. Change Your Diet, Change Your Future
There is a plethora of memory boosting foods that must be added to your daily diet. These include green leafy vegetables, berries, sprouts, onions, fish, etc. These foods help fight aging and keep your brain sharp for a longer time, especially during old age.

5. Practice Smart Memory Techniques 
By practicing some simple yet effective memory techniques, you can recall information in a better and lucid way. Three concepts in mnemonics include Imagination, Association and Location. If you relate each new memory with these 3 concepts, you can generate powerful mnemonic systems.

6. Chew Gum When Learning New Things
A study has revealed that if you are chewing gum while absorbing new information, there is a higher chance you might remember it for a longer duration. Chewing gum increases activity in the hippocampus in our brain, an important area for retention.
Who wouldn’t like a long-lasting and sharper memory? It will give you confidence as you age and keep you ahead of the game! Every health insurance company is now focusing on the wellbeing and good health of its denizens, and improving brain function is one of the vital steps towards good health.

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