Debunking 5 Common Nutritional Myths

“Eat healthy, stay fit.” This cliché has survived longer than any other and still captures people’s attention worldwide. Varied health articles present plethora of information creating and recreating, emphasising and re-emphasising nutritional myths. But there exists a thin line separating the health ‘conscious’ from health ‘freak’. And that is, appropriate knowledge and information about food items. Read on to savour our recipe of truth to roast a few common nutritional myths off.

1. Fad Diets are Best to Lose Weight 

It has become a fashion statement to go on a diet but the truth is, a fad diet will help you lose weight quickly, and regain it quicker. It is a regimental diet focusing only on particular foods in restricted quantities. Experts opine that only “realistic meal plans and mindful eating” can keep your weight on check, rather than strict dieting. ‘Healthy eating’ connotes the right balance of nutrient-rich diet with fat, proteins and carbohydrates for a fit and healthy body.

2. Bread and All Kinds of Carbs are Bad for Health 

Media has portrayed carbohydrates as a sin for your health. However, the truth is, there are some ‘good carbs’ and some ‘bad carbs’, and you merely have to choose the right kind; not skip it all! Instead of french fries, opt for roasted vegetables for your sider. It’s as simple as that!

3. Egg Yolk is Bad For You

Eggs are a versatile source of multiple vitamins and minerals. The reason they are criticised is due to the cholesterol content they carry.. However, eating foods with high cholesterol may not necessarily translate into higher blood cholesterol for your body. Eggs are a rich source of various nutrients and need not blindly be considered a threat to overall health.

4. Multi-Grain and Whole Wheat Breads are Better Than White Bread

‘Multi-grain’ is the biggest buzzword in the world of nutrition and diets. Most of us tend to pick whole wheat bread over white bread at supermarkets. However, the truth is, white bread and whole wheat bread may not be that different. Both breads contain similar amount of calories, gluten and proteins.

5. Diet Sodas Will Keep You Slim

Next time you order diet soda instead of a regular soda, think about your late-night hunger pangs. It is an established fact that diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners which lead to crazy food urges later. According to a research by American Journal of Public Health, people who drink diet sodas were more obese than people drinking regular sodas. Surprising, isn’t it? 
As health concerns are growing by the day, you will find every medical insurance company focusing on good health and wellbeing of individuals. Companies are now stressing on good food habits and better overall health.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy! 

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