How to Optimise Your Workout Routine in 2016

It’s great that you’re working out regularly. However, if you feel that you’ve reached a block and there’s no movement in your body weight, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel that they’re not able to extract the maximum out of their exercise routine – even when they have a trainer. Mentioned below are a few tips to help you extract more out of your workout in the upcoming year.

Warm Up before You Go Full Throttle

Whether you plan to run miles or concentrate on a body part for strength training, it’s important to warm up before you exercise. An ideal warm up should loosen your body, apart from heating it. Dynamic warm up is an interesting way to rev up your body. The process takes your body through progressive bodyweight movements to reach the ideal workout temperature.

Take shorter breaks between sets

While the rest period depends on your goals, your rest periods between sets should not be long. A lot of people socialize more than they work out. If you take long breaks between sets, your body tends to cool down. As a ballpark – your rest period should be between 3-5 minutes if you’re strength training; 1-2 minutes if you’re into hypertrophy training and 45 seconds to 2 minutes if you’re working out to increase muscle endurance (

Avoid Guzzling that milkshake

Feeling hungry after an intense workout is normal. However, it’s better to avoid that milkshake or any other food substance for at least an hour after workout. If you get tired after a workout session, it’s better to snack on a protein bar before you work out rather than having it after exercising.

Change Your Program Regularly

Your body gets comfortable if you repeat the same programme over and over again. You will reach a point of diminishing returns. To avoid monotony and optimize your work schedule, mix your strength training with cardio workout. Crosstrain, workout on an incline and keep increasing the difficulty level as you move forward.

It’s also important to remember that exercising too much is as bad as exercising too little. Your body doesn’t give great results if you exceed the limits. Never ignore an injury – no matter how small. If you feel uncomfortable during a routine, talk to your trainer, if the problem persists, visit a doctor.

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