Panchkarma: More than Just ‘Alternative Medicine’

In the field of medical science, mankind has conquered milestones beyond imagination. But the quest for peaceful and stress-free holistic health and wellness is diverting the progressive and modern individuals back to the Alternative Medical Systems. Ayurveda, India’s oldest and most refined alternative medicine system, is the Science of Life that lays a holistic approach to life. No matter what your ailment is, Panchkarma could be the soother of it all. This article would guide you through the subtleties of Panchkarma, an effective branch of Ayurveda.

The Panchkarma Way of Life
Panchkarma is an ancient cleansing and rejuvenation practice from Ayurveda which has individualized therapeutic treatments to clear the ‘Ama’ (toxins) and vitiated ‘Doshas’ (subtle energies) from the deep tissues of the body. It is a gentle and subtle detoxification method which cleanses at a deeper level. Various stages of this becalming therapy include:

Pre-Panchkarma or Poorvakarma

  • Dosha is identified. 
  • Internal and external oleation and sweating by administration of few ounces of pure Ghee every morning, and therapeutic massage and steam bath, respectively. 

These preparatory procedures liquefy bodily impurities and put them in gastrointestinal tract to be expelled.

Main Procedure
The five procedures of purification and detoxification may be administered depending on the individual.

  • Vamana: Therapeutic vomiting for individuals with high imbalance of Kapha Dosha. Used to cure chronic sinusitis and respiratory problems, ENT disorders and Diabetes.
  • Virechana: Medical purgation for Pitta Dosha imbalance. It purifies blood and clears toxins in liver and gall bladder. Virechana is used for skin and stomach ailments.
  • Vashti: Eliminates Vata Dosha out via rectum. It’s highly effective for constipation and gastric disorders, lumbar and joint pains and spinal cord problems.
  • Nasya:  Introduction of herbal oils through nostrils to heal disorders of the head, ENT disorders, respiratory disorders etc.
  • Rakthamokshana: It literally means bloodletting- elimination of toxins from the blood stream through veins. It is a highly specialized and extremely effective form of Panchkarma.

During Panchkarma, a special diet, khichdi (preferably), is offered after yoga and exercise.

Post-Panchakarma or Paschatkarma
The body has to be acclimatized to the normal routine. Here, rasayana or rejuvenation therapy comes to play. It chalks out the introduction of various foods and routines gradually into the body system. Rasayana is like conditioning of the fabric after being washed to prevent it from losing the sheen.

But Why Panchakarma?

  • Panchakarma not only heals the affected part, but the entire body, mind and soul.
  • Slows the aging process.
  • Induces antioxidants into the body system.
  • Reduces stress and enhances vitality and mental clarity.
  • Initiates the process of self-healing.

What Future Beholds…
Experts claim profound physical, emotional and psychological impact of this therapy. Medical insurance companies cover Ayurveda treatments if received from government or government affiliated hospitals/clinics. So walk the native Indian path to a healthier self.

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